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The WishTrip Tourism Experience Management Platform gives you the power to attract visitors, improve your revenue generation, and streamline your visitor operations.

WishTrip is a Tourism Experience Management Platform. It is a software for tourism destinations and attractions that includes a visitor mobile app and a suite of tools that help attract visitors and create new revenue opportunities.

Destinations of any size and budget can transform themselves into SMART destinations and get the benefits of an in-destination visitor app (plus more), without a lengthy or costly implementation process.

The WishTrip Tourism Experience Management Platform gives you the power to attract visitors, improve your revenue generation, and streamline your visitor operations. With WishTrip, you can give every visitor access to an in-destination app that opens up your site and helps you shape their experience.

WishTrip Enterprise allows your organization to:

  • Entertain and educate by building your own mobile games using the WishTrip Game Builder.
  • Open a new revenue stream by collecting more donations.
  • Raise more in donations through location-based contribution appeals with Dynamic Crowdfunding.
  • Streamline visitor management with live maps and behavior and demographic data & analytics.
  • Make it easy for visitors to find what they’re looking for with digital maps and trails navigated with accurate on and off-road GPS.
  • Communicate directly and efficiently with location-based pop-ups, push notifications, 2-way chat, and one-click translation.
  • Send each visitor home with a branded, shareable souvenir album and video automatically generated from the photos and videos they recorded in the destination.

Smart Tourism Solutions

Use Dynamic Crowdfunding to create a steady revenue stream. Send visitors location-triggered notifications of donation opportunities. There is no better time to appeal for support than when visitors can see the impact of their donations in front of them. Accept donations directly through the app and leverage the power of social proof with live alerts of donations as they happen, to everyone in the destination.

Additional notifications can be used to promote your own paid activities, advertise your store or concessions sales, and direct people to other local businesses. People having a great time are likely to spend more at your destination.

Easily communicate with your visitors on their phones without having to take a phone number or email address. Whether you want to welcome arrivals, announce an event, educate, give additional ideas of things to do, or provide safety information, WishTrip enables you to get in touch with your visitors in real-time and give them the best experience possible.

Gain access to an unmatched level of insights into who your visitors are and what they like to do in your site. WishTrip gives destinations important demographic information about their visitors, what they do and where they go in the destination. You can see this information in real-time via live maps and also access historical data. This allows you to base your business decisions on accurate data, not third-party information.

Keep your visitors safe and effectively respond to emergencies. WishTrip’s suite of tools helps to keep visitors in permitted areas and away from places they shouldn’t be. WishTrip also allows destinations to respond effectively to emergencies by allowing the destination to quickly locate visitors and communicate emergency information.

We serve tourism boards, parks, zoos, aquariums, historic sites, municipalities, theme parks, and other outdoor sites and attractions.

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