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    World Touring Exhibitions

    World Touring Exhibitions produce and represent popular exhibitions for hire.

    World Touring Exhibitions is a producer and provider of travelling exhibitions with over 19 years experience in the international entertainment/edutainment business.

    Our roster features animatronics exhibitions (life-size dinosaurs, ice age animals, sea monsters, dragons), exhibitions made of LEGO® bricks, space exhibitions, Interactive Science, 3D, digital exhibitions, and more.

    Our self-contained exhibitions are dynamic, interactive, educational and entertaining. They have been displayed to millions of visitors in some of the world’s most popular venues: museums, exhibition centres, shopping malls, corporate venues, entertainment centres, Formula 1 races.

    Below are just some of our current touring exhibitions available.

    Travelling Bricks

    This exhibition is made out of 1,000,000 LEGO® bricks! Featuring 120 models, Travelling Bricks presents entertaining and educational videos, as well as a 200sqmt entertaining interactive area with over 200,000 bricks to play with! The interactive area brings together the educational and the creative sides, for children to learn and enjoy at the same time.

    3D Doubt Your Eyes

    3D Doubt Your Eyes combines 3D hand-paintings and illusion scenes. This is a fully interactive, artistic, educational and entertaining exhibition with up to 30 interactive points.

    In 3D Doubt Your Eyes, the audience can be part of this exciting experience by stepping into the scenes and strike poses for their cameras. In 3D Doubt Your Eyes’ world, each scene brings different stories: you “communicate” with the artwork and become the most important role in a fantasy world.

    Space Adventure

    This exhibition from World Touring Exhibitions allows visitors to travel in outer space without leaving our planet. It features over 80 space exhibits, including a piece of the moon! Several unique simulators allow visitors to fly to the Moon and to feel the absence of gravity.

    Space Adventure is unique not only because of the fantastic pieces exhibited but also because of the broad range of objects. It is also very interactive. Visitors can take photographs in a spacesuit and experience space through VR.

    This priceless collection from NASA is very popular and has been visited by over 3.5 million visitors so far.


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