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Worldbuildr, Inc.

Virtual production for the visitor attraction industry.

Worldbuildr develops and installs professional, end-to-end show control solutions for any type of visitor attraction.

With zero redundancy, the Worldbuildr platform is designed to ideate and concept, to designing prototypes all the way through to the finished product without having to switch applications or export packages.

Through one continuous, intuitive flow, shape your ideas for a collaborative seamless design. Even use the same package to run your show control system at the site of the guest experience, running your triggers and cues reliably and exactly how they were designed.

Control everything

With today’s guest experiences becoming more dynamic, guests directly control and trigger more show elements themselves. With Worldbuildr’s simple time-based user interface, you can serve up dynamic show control that will wow your guests and development team alike.

The platform us built from the ground up to reinvent what experience development can be. Human element is taking into account, meaning as plans change, goal posts move, scopes of work shift, the platform can be adjusted at any point. Last minute changes no longer mean starting several steps back and impacting your budget and schedule.

Worldbuildr, Inc. was founded by experience designer Michael Libby. An avid futurist, Libb enjoys researching new entertainment technologies and exploring their creative applications. Libby is an industry-recognised thought leader for location-based immersive attractions.

The team includes Evan Stern, project producer and technical lead; Garrett Monteiro, software development lead; and Mar Ferreri, Design Technologist.


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