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Multi-Channel Platform Xtremepush


The complete digital engagement platform. Purpose-built for multichannel marketing.

Deliver personalised, real-time experiences to grow your ROI with Xtremepush

Xtremepush’s clients are increasing revenue with smarter multichannel engagement on every device. They’re delivering real-time, personalised content to the channels that matter most to their audience.

Use web browser pop-ups to drive conversions

Convert visitors into customers with pop-ups promoting specific deals or premium content.

Intelligently segment your audience and target individuals with content and offers that you know are likely to convert.

Creating Monthly Active Users

ECommerce Xtremepush

What % of people who have downloaded your app are active users?

Xtremepush gives you a complete view of the metrics that matter. Turn occasional users into devoted fans of your app by directing them in-app or through push notifications towards its best features and your most valuable content. Use a/b testing to optimise your messaging and create better in-app experiences.

Recover abandoned sales

Between 60 and 80% of all online shopping carts are abandoned at the check-out. This is an issue for brands across every vertical. Recovery emails and in-app messages can be sent to shoppers, encouraging them to complete their purchase at a later time.

Re-engage dormant users

Send personalised, targeted messages to users and customers that haven’t been recently active. Using the profiles you have built up, engage them with content that you know they’re interested in.

Location Triggered Xtremepush

Deliver location-based content

Use geofencing and iBeacon technology to send contextually relevant content to users in real time, based on their location.

Direct footfall in-store

Brands that have a physical location (or are partnered with brick and mortar stores) can incentivise their messaging to encourage nearby customers to pay a visit in-store.

Live-event engagement

Engage with fans at live concerts, sporting events or conferences using location technology. Direct them towards merchandise stands or upsell premium experiences.

Above all, Xtremepush clients are creating better experiences for their customers.

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First Floor, 83-87 Ranelagh, Dublin 6, Ireland

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