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Yonoton is a versatile SaaS omnichannel platform for digital ordering and purchases. Your company branded app, webshop, Point-of-Sale, self-service kiosks and NFC-payment options.

Yonoton is the perfect digital platform solution for restaurants, hotels & resorts, theme parks zoos, museums, water parks and more.

We are the leading expert in digital ordering service for the hospitality and entertainment sector. Our versatile SaaS platform boasts quality and provides a truly omnichannel solution for its clients to run their business in a modern way that saves operational costs and generates extra revenue. Cut costs from using multiple different systems that produce scattered data.

Your company branded App, Webshop, PoS (point-of-sale), Self-service kiosks, NFC-payment options and virtual queuing. You can now manage everything from one place. All powered by Yonoton products at once or one by one! Yonoton HQ is based in Helsinki, Finland; company operates globally.

All in one – omniplatform

Powered by Yonoton is a true omnichannel platform to run your business digitally. We operate with the biggest players in the market and have built a seamless experience that ties together all of the tools that you need to successfully run your business.

Manage everything from one digital platform (Yonoton Management Console) and get centralised data. Yonoton offers over 250 off the shelf, battle tested features and integrations to support your requirements and wildest desires – now and in the future.

All the power inside a screen of any size. Ease your pain points and benefit from running your operations digitally. Increase sales, save from operational costs and spare money for not using stand-alone solutions.


An app that is fully branded to your company. Digital ordering, payments, engagement, maps & wayfinding, virtual queuing, marketing, and loyalty. The Powered by Yonoton -platform offers over 250 battle-tested features off the shelf. We support multi-merchant environments in several countries. This is why our services are also suitable and used by multinational chains.


An optimised point of sale experience for your staff and customers. Yonoton PoS is a cash register, ordering and management interface for the Powered by Yonoton platform. It is a seamless experience that ties together all of the customer interfaces into one management platform. The Yonoton PoS is an interface that allows customers to interact with the Yonoton platform even without downloading an app.


Save time and serve your customers faster than ever by deploying our self-service kiosks. Handle everything from products and pricing, to inventory and images from one place – the Yonoton Management Console. Keep everything synchronized regardless of the platform (app, webordering, kiosk, etc.). Kiosks come in all sizes and with different features.


Allow your customers to purchase through an online system to maximise your revenue potential. Yonoton Webordering is created of modular frames that can be inserted into any websites. Features that exists in the application will be at the disposal of the webshop. Start selling your products through webshop and provide your customers a take away of home delivery option. No commission!

NFC payments / wristbands

Take advantage of new technologies by taking payments and identifying through NFC chips (wristbands, key chains, key cards, etc.). This is especially handy in locations where your customers aren’t able to carry mobile devices with them, like waterparks.

Virtual Queuing

Yonoton Virtual Queueing can use either NFC chips or printed QR-codes. The solution minimizes touching in order to allow for hygienic operations. For users without an app, the solution relies on the user having a physical token. The token can be either an NFC chip, where the UUID is read or a printed QR code that can be read with a scanner. In addition to offline queueing, the queueing flow can be implemented in any Powered by Yonoton mobile application.

Lapinlahdenkatu 16
00180 Helsinki
+358 50 506 0210


  • Sodexo - leader in food services

    Sodexo - leader in food services

    Sodexo is the worldwide leader in Quality of Life Services. Sodexo runs 34.000 restaurants in 80 countries.
  • Over 300 sport activities

    Over 300 sport activities

    Vierumäki is Europe’s biggest and most versatile sports and leisure center.
  • Moominworld


    Moominworld is one of the most visited attraction for families with children in Finland.
  • #1 app in Norway

    #1 app in Norway

    Dyreparken is the most visited attraction in Norway, which boasts over one million annual visitors. Dyreparken consists of a zoo, amusement park, water park, and four different accommodation concepts.


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Lapinlahdenkatu 16, 00180 Helsinki, Finland
+358 50 506 0210

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