30 years in Themed Entertainment : Blooloop talks to Nick Farmer.

Blooloopcatches up with Nick Farmer, due this Autumn to be the fist European president of the TEA and looks at his thoughts on current and future business.

Is Asia the ace in the pack? Theme Park China (part 2)

With the 2007 IAAPA Asian Expo starting, Gary Bowerman continues his analysis ...

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US Theme parks and waterparks look for the family and "tween" dollar with a host of new rides and attractions this summer...

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The Rise and Rise of the Indian Amusement Park Industry

Blooloop speaks to Rajen Shah, President IAAPI about his hopes and ambitions for the industry.

AVC-Electrosonic is all aboard at The Falkirk Wheel

The Falkirk Wheel, the world’s only rotating boat lift, has recently upgraded its boat tour to include audio and video support. AVC-Electrosonic (the Edinburgh office of Electrosonic)...

Audiovisual Technology: Electrosonic and the Cold War

The new National Cold War Exhibition at the Royal Air Force Museum Cosford makes intelligent use of audio-visual techniques to augment and interpret the physical exhibits. Electrosonic was the...

Ambitious plans for $2 Billion Lunar Waterpark set to lift off. (April 1st ’07)

An English engineer plans to build a massive waterpark and hotel complex on the moon after initial feasibility studies prove propitious and go ahead from local council.

Lasers – the purest, most concentrated light on earth

Patrick Murphy, Executive Director, International Laser Display Association (ILDA) discusses lasers, dazzling displays in Theme Parks worldwide.

Theme Parks: Hong Kong Disneyland Announces Expansion Plans

Hongkong International Theme Parks Limited, a joint venture established in 1999 by the Hong Kong SAR Government and The Walt Disney Company for the development and operation of...