The Alnwick Garden in Northumberland has requested planning permission for a ground-breaking play village.

The new ‘stand alone’ attraction will feature ‘the largest play structure in the world’, reports the Northumberland Gazette.

The council has reportedly allocated an £8.5 million loan to support the development.

According to the planning submission, the Lilidorei Play Village will take the form of a small settlement set within a forest clearing.

It will have ‘an unearthly, quirky and magical atmosphere’ and will centre on the large ‘Elfin Play Structure’.

The site will also feature play areas aimed at younger children and more challenging climbing structures for the older ones.

Other facilities will include a café, a tavern, play and storytelling activities, and shops.

The aim is to turn Alnwick into a two-day destination, boosting the local economy and contributing to the wider regeneration plans for Northumberland.

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