Rovio plans to build Angry Birds indoor golf courses

Rovio Entertainment and Namco U.K. are set to build Angry Birds-themed indoor adventure golf courses across the UK.

Namco is in advanced negotiations for the first two locations. The company plans to open at least 5 sites over the next 3 years.

Philip Millward, commercial director, Namco, said: “Everyone at Namco looks forward to opening these attractions, which capture the essence of fun and entertainment values of the ‘Angry Birds’ theme and the Namco core philosophy of providing our customers with dreams, fun and inspiration.”

Rovio: one of the hottest brands on the planet

Rovio is one of the hottest brands on the planet and with 97% awareness, the world’s most recognised game. Rovio Entertainment, maker of Angry Birds, plans to leverage the IP to create a new generation of location-based entertainment experiences.

Rovio started life as  an in-house games company, called Relude at that time, developing games for Nokia phones, another major Finnish brand.  As a studio, they developed 51 games that never quite made it. Then they hit gold in 2009 with game number 52: Angry Birds. The timing just happened to be right as the iPhone came out and touchscreen technology was taking off and Angry Birds was the first game at the time that was able to utilise the use of entire big touchscreen in a way no-one else was. Slingshot was a genre Rovio introduced to the mobile gaming world.

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