The AQUATIS project, sited in the Vaud region of Switzerland, is the largest freshwater aquarium-vivarium in Europe.

The attraction features around 10,000 freshwater fish from across the globe. Alongside a vast range of fish, from paddlefish to piranha, AQUATIS also features reptiles and amphibians.  AQUATIS has 46 aquariums/terrariums/vivariums and 20 ecosystems.

The attraction spreads over 3,500 square metres.  The first floor is divided into four European areas – Alpine, Lake Geneva, the Rhone and the Mediterranean.  The second floor is devoted to the other continents.

AQUATIS is expected to attract around 400,000 visitors per year.  There is a hotel and parking for 1,200 cars.

The project champions both science and sustainability.  “AQUATIS aims to stimulate a new awareness amongst visitors of the importance of protecting aquatic environments,” says the website.

Entry fees are CHF29/$29.59 for adults and CHF19 for children.  Investors say the ticket pricing is justified because of the elaborate staging.

AQUATIS is a scientific, technological, cultural and sustainable project.  Digital technology is used to showcase the rich biodiversity of the planet.  Numerous cultural and scientific partnerships will be formed.

It has been built strategically on a major transport hub.  This allows the use of environmentally-friendly means of transport.  The buildings have been designed to impact minimally on the environment.  They have also been constructed with optimum thermal performance and renewable energy sources in mind.

Image: AQUATIS Aquarium-Vivarium

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