Merlin Entertainments’ much-anticipated Bear Grylls Adventure at the NEC will be home to the tallest high ropes challenge in Europe.

At around five storey’s high, the ropes attraction is just one of the extreme experiences awaiting visitors when the Bear Grylls Adventure opens in Birmingham late next year.

Other experiences on offer will include scuba diving and indoor skydiving.

General Manager, James Thomas, has confirmed that construction is coming on apace:

“People will arrive at Basecamp and be taught the various skills needed to complete the hero activities. These include scuba diving and indoor skydiving,” he says.

“They’ll even get the chance to go on the tallest high ropes challenge in Europe. This is so high you need to jump out of a Chinook and zip wire over to it.”

The climbing walls are being themed on climbing experiences around the world such as Yosemite National Park. The intention is to take the traditional wall to the next level and provide a highly immersive experience.

Only Bear could complete all the challenges in a day

By providing so many challenges, the attraction expects people to return again and again. According to Thomas, only Bear Grylls himself would be able to complete them all in a day. (No doubt some visitors will be keen to have a go.)

Basecamp training is included in the admission fee, which starts at £25 per person. Prices vary depending on the activities chosen.

There are also plans to include some mental challenges. These will be the kind of thing one might find in an escape room experience:

“People will encounter their phobias and fears as part of the challenge.”

When plans were submitted by Merlin the attraction was known as “Project Thor“.

Overnight camping might also be offered in the future.

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