This summer, Chicago’s Floating Museum project is planning to bring culture to the community, by barge.

The Chicago River Float is a mobile museum that will moor up at various sites along the river. Potential stops could include the Resource Centre, Eleanor Park, the Chicago Riverwalk and Navy Pier.

The float will reportedly host screenings, projections, exhibitions and participatory art.

The intention is to reach those people who do not currently have access to museums in their neighbourhood.

The Floating Museum concept was dreamed up by Chicago artist Faheem Majeed, Art Institute professor Jeremiah Hulsebos-Spofford and architect Andrew Schachman. Their ambition is to kick-start a more inclusive art scene. Last year, the organisers created a temporary Floating Museum structure in Chicago’s Calumet Park.

The project has been developed in conjunction with the DuSable Museum and is set to include content with a focus on Chicago’s African American history.

It is hoped that the Chicago River Float will resonate with those audiences that have proved reluctant to visit the city’s more conventional museums.

The barge is slated to begin its river journey in August.

Image: Floating Museum

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