China wants more integrated theme park resorts offering hi-tech experiences

China is intent on building more theme parks offering hi-tech immersive experiences.

A spokesperson from China National Tourism Administration has said that the current five year plan will focus on integrated resorts that offer a hi-tech attractions mix, reports The Shanghai Daily. This could include recreation facilities, theatres and performance centres.

To support this development, China is reportedly committed to improving tourism infrastructure and public service facilities.

The intention is to push ahead with the creation of more foreign IP-based theme parks but, equally, to expand domestic parks overseas.

China is also strongly encouraging developers to incorporate the latest hi-tech entertainment technologies in their offering, such as virtual reality, laser technology and 3D/4D.

This weekend, a fantasy adventure indoor theme park opened in Shanxi Province. The park features laser technology and 3D effects, to give guests a range of immersive experiences.

Image courtesy Dynamic Attractions

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