Crystal Lagoons project in Egypt

Multinational water innovation company, Crystal Lagoons, have outlined their plans to expand into new markets regionally and globally with a series of lagoons open to the public.

The new business model will involve selling tickets to the public on a ‘pay per use’ basis. Crystal Lagoons will receive revenues as a percentage of ticket sales.

American research has indicated the company’s current market share could double worldwide – calling public access lagoons a must-have 21st century accompaniment to urban life.

Carlos Salas, the regional director, Middle East, Crystal Lagoons, said: “The business model for public access lagoons is very simple, we generate a partnership with a developer and earn a percentage of the ticket income. Crystal Lagoons has already signed two projects in the US and one in Turkey.

Salas said that he also sees opportunities across the Middle East at theme parks, water parks, safari parks, aquariums and zoos.  Talks are reported to be underway with developers in Abu Dhabi, Oman and Bahrain.

Crystal Lagoons runs over 50,000 public parks, theme parks, public golf courses, malls, stadiums, university campus, zoos, social clubs, horse tracks and car tracks.

Image courtesy of Crystal Lagoons

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