Customisable Form Hotel opens in Dubai

The newly opened Form Hotel, Dubai, will allow guests to customise their stay with add on services and experiences.

Form Hotel Dubai is a 136 room, four-star hotel in the UAE city’s Al Jadaf neighbourhood.

Form Hotel offers a stripped-back experience as standard, but guests have the option to add on different services, amenities and experiences. These include premium shaving kits and toiletries, as well as more unusual options including a private butler or even sky-diving.

Form Hotel Dubai - customise experiences

The hotel won the Urban Hotel category at the AHEAD MEA 2018 hospitality awards and was also named New Concept of the Year.

Form Hotel founder Tarek Daouk said: “Form Hotel is a bespoke hospitality experience, essentially introducing a retail model into the hotel space. We really allow the customer to curate their experience and that really helps further enhance their stay with us.”

Even the bedrooms can be customised – with specially designed furniture that can be reconfigured to include a single, double or twin bed.

More room for new players

Daouk said: “If you look at the history of the Dubai hotel market over the course of 40 years, there’s been massive focus of the large global brands coming into the market.

“But if you look at where Dubai is today and where it is going, there will be more and more room for players like us to compete and provide very unique experiences.

“The feedback from the market has been phenomenal. I think people have been looking for this kind of product.”

Industry analysts have identified personalisation as a trend for modern attractions – particularly in demand among the younger generations.

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