Plans for Northern Europe’s largest aquarium have been unveiled by London-based architects, Haptic Studio.

Located on the site of Oslo’s former airport in Bærum, the curved design has reportedly been inspired by the ‘svaberg’ rock formations which are typical of the area.

Designs unveiled for Northern Europe's largest aquarium in Oslo

One of the sloped roofs will serve as an outdoor amenity space accessible to visitors. The building will be ‘tied’ to the landscape by walkways across the water and a new city beach.

Once complete, the building will occupy over 10,000 square metres and house a seven million litre aquarium.

Work is slated to begin in 2020. According to developer Selvaag, the aquarium will be open to visitors in or around 2023.

Designs unveiled for Northern Europe's largest aquarium in Oslo

The aquarium is the centrepiece of a major regeneration project. New amenities will be provided for water-related activities such as boat and surfing clubs. There will also be a new urban beach, restaurants and bars, retail and offices and a seaplane terminal.

Transport infrastructure is set to include a new metro link to the city centre. There will also be a ferry link to Oslo’s waterfront.

Images courtesy MIR

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