Disney Patents Hint at Future: Drones, Lightsabers and Robots

Disney eye-tracking

Disney has filed a number of patents that hint at the future direction of development for attractions and experiences in theme parks.

Animatronics and drones look set to feature heavily, and Star Wars fans will be excited to see that fighting with lightsabers is on the horizon.

Although patents do not necessarily make it all the way through development to the theme park, they make interesting reading.

Disney Patents: Drones, Robots and Lightsabers

The Orlando Business Journal reports details of ten of the patents:

  • Animatronics: Eye tracking of visitors and skin material moulding techniques with actuation points to improve animatronic facial movements.
  • Technology to enable guests to duel with lightsabers
  • Drones: Disney Flixels as well as drones which can discharge fireworks or operate a large marionette
  • One of the patents looks at how to allow guests to customise a theme park ride from a computer game.
  • Foot scanning to monitor a guest’s movements through the theme park and enhance the visitor experience.
  • Projector lightbulbs for interactive applications in guest hotel rooms and at home.
  • Flying coaster technology with vertical launch and load area.

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