dragon quest universal studios japan

Universal Studios Japan is planning to create a new attraction based on the best-selling video game franchise, Dragon Quest.

This comes after the Oasaka based park announced last week it was creating Super Nintendo World as part of its work with Nintendo to bring the video games to life by 2020.

USJ Co. said visitors will be able to fight monsters and explore dungeons as they can in the game series. The new attraction will open for a limited time from March 17.

Dragon Quest’s Worldwide Success

Tokyo’s Square Enix Co.,  producers of the “Dragon Quest” series, created the first in 1986. Since then the game has become one of Japan’s most popular role-playing games. Worldwide sales of Dragon Quest are over 65 million units.

USJ Co. has created successful attractions in partnership with major IP holders before. These include Jurassic Park and Harry Potter. Because of the success of these richly themed and immersive attractions,  the company feels confident it will deliver a “real” Dragon Quest experience for its visitors.

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