Dubai firm announces Sport Society: a sports shopping mall

Dubai-based Viva City will build the Sport Society project, the world’s largest commercial sports mall.

The Sport Society project will take the concept of sport centres to “unprecedented levels,”  the company has said.

Slated to open with a global event in 2020, it will have three floors with a total area that is equal to 12 football pitches. On the ground floor there will be space for various sporting events. There will be spaces for other sports activities across the venue.

The other levels will feature retail outlets from international sports brands as well as restaurants and cafes.

The mall will also feature one of the largest LED display panels for visitors to watch international sports events.

Edgar Bove, head of design at Viva City, said: “The project will present big surprises both in design and activities, and will deliver a unique experience combining shopping, entertainment and sports. The launch of the project comes in line with the Dubai Fitness Challenge.

“The Sport Society brings a new concept in creating active and exciting spaces to boost the morale of visitors.”

Retailtainment is increasingly important for malls challenged by online shopping. Industry analysts note that the move to an experience economy is fuelling demand for more personal activity rather than demand for physical items. The trend known as retailtainment is seeing increasing fusion of shopping with visitor attractions.

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