The Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science in Miami finally opened its doors to the public yesterday.

The news has been a long time coming. When funding problems threatened completion of the state-of-the-art museum last year, it was reportedly saved by a $49 million bailout from Miami-Dade County taxpayers.

The striking $305 million building features a digital planetarium housed in a giant sphere.

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It is also home to a 500,000-gallon aquarium alive with mahi-mahi, devil rays and hammerhead sharks. Visitors view the aquarium on three levels, which aims to represent a drive from the surface to the depths of the Gulf Stream.

An exhibition entitled ‘Feathers to the Stars’ explores the story of flight from the first feathered dinosaurs to cutting-edge space exploration.

The museum is hoping to attract 750,000 visitors in its first year.

Images courtesy The Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science

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