Antoni Gaudí, considered to be the father of Catalan Modernism, is to get his own museum in Barcelona.

The new Gaudí museum will be housed in Casa Vicens, the first significant commission by the architect.

Recently renovated, the World Heritage Site is viewed as a landmark example of Art Nouveau architecture.

Casa Vicens was commissioned by brick and tile manufacturer, Manuel Vicens i Montaner, as his summer residence. When it was built, between 1883 and 1885, the house stood outside the city. Now, it is hemmed in by later buildings.

Early Gaudí masterpiece, Casa Vicens, to house new museum in Barcelona

Gaudí’s use of moorish motifs was unprecedented at the time and marked the beginnings of Catalan Modernisn.

The house demonstrates many aspects of the architects signature style: vibrant colours, the use of brick, tile, and iron, and the combination of painting and sculpture.

According to museum director, Joan Abellà, nothing is known of how the house was furnished in 1885. Therefore, the decision has been taken to present it unfurnished.

Casa Vicens is expected to open later this year. Attendance is predicted to be in the region of 150,000 visitors annually.

Images courtesy Casa Vicens

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