Google Assistant ride launches at CES

Google has launched a ride at the CES tech expo in Las Vegas inspired by the functionality of its Google Assistant.

The ride opened Tuesday at Google’s booth. Riders follow a dad’s chaotic day buying cake for Grandma’s birthday: helped by the Google assistant. The Google Assistant’s functionality in directions, weather and home control is demonstrated.

Dad uses commands such as “Hey Google, navigate to bakery,” and “Send Jane my ETA.” In a French bakery, Google demonstrates its new interpreter functionality.

CES is the annual tech conference held in Nevada, Las Vegas. This year Google has tripled its size compared to last year. Other offerings from the search engine giant include an army of human “Google Assistants” across the show floor.

Last year, Google partnered with Hyde Park Winter Wonderland to use Google Assistant’s voice activation technology at the Christmas attraction, enhancing the visitor experience.

The pods on the observation wheel were enhanced with Google’s digital voice assistant. Visitors could choose their favourite Christmas song to play as they ride and access fun facts about the attraction.

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