Hollywood’s ARHT Media Delivers Real Time Holograms at a Realistic Price

Tech company, ARHT Media, is creating ‘super realistic’ holograms in real time at much lower-than-expected costs.

The Hollywood-based company calls the human holograms HumaGrams.

The technology allows holograms to be created instantly. Thereby, a performer can be at home and ‘on stage’ thousands of miles away at the same time.

What’s more, the process involved is relatively straightforward. There are no special glasses required and the equipment used to create the effect is practically ‘off the shelf’.

The stage has two layers of screens: one in the back and another “screen door” type in the front.

Images are projected on both screens and the human brain blends the two together. What the viewer sees is both lifelike and 3D.

Image of B.I.G courtesy AHRT Media

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