Qatar’s KidzMondo Doha Discusses Indoor Theme Park’s Plans

KidzMondo Doha, Qatar’s edutainment park, recently hosted sponsors and marketing partners to discuss the future of its indoor theme park brand.

They also considered possible opportunities to further empower and develop Qatar’s younger generations. This was done in line with the country’s National Vision 2030.

Sited in the Mall of Qatar, the attraction has a footprint of around 8000 square metres. It has over 80 shops and buildings allowing over 80 role-playing activities for children.

Ali Kazma is Owner & Founder of the KidzMondo brand and the Chairman of Kidz Holdings. He said, “Built as a replica of the real world, and powered by its very own currency, constitution, economy, and functioning infrastructure, KidzMondo provides children and youngsters with a unique opportunity to act out dream roles through an array of fun and educative activities in totally safe environment. This distinctive experience is further augmented with special curricula. These have been exclusively designed, in collaboration withkidzmondo doha logothe Lebanese American University.

“We have been proudly endorsed by Qatar’s Ministry of Education and Higher Education for the complementary role KidzMondo Doha plays to that of the existing educational system. Also as a qualitative addition to the country’s entertainment and tourism industries.”

KidzMondo Doho, Close Ties with Qatar’s Leading Brands

The Founder of KidzMondo expressed his gratitude to the edutainment city’s partners. They have played an indispensable role in turning the innovative edutainment concept into a tangible reality for the present and future generations of Qatar. He also reaffirmed KidzMondo Doha’s commitment to collaborating with its partners.

Nabil Barakat is KidzMondo Doha’s General Manager. He said: “When we started building our edutainment city in Doha, we knew that in order to provide children in Qatar with a relevant and appealing experience that encourages interest, learning and exploration, this ‘experience’ needs to be based on their real-world environment. That is why we chose your brands and institutions to represent the city’s establishments.”

The KidzMondo Doha team took its guests on a behind-the-scenes tour of the kid-sized city and its unique facilities. These have been created in close collaboration with a number of leading brands. These include Qatar Airways, perfume company Abdul Samad Al Qurashi and Qatar’s leading telecommunications provider Ooredoo.

Some of the key buildings at the indoor theme park are a Bank and a Fire Station. In addition, there is also a Petrol Station and a Police Station.

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