Meow Wolf documentary reveals challenges

A new documentary reveals the story of Meow Wolf, the innovative, immersive arts attraction backed by Game of Thrones’ author George RR Martin.

Meow Wolf is a group of artists from a variety of disciplines came together just to make art. It ended up becoming, not just a creative powerhouse, but a profitable business.

Now, a new documentary called Origin Story promises to shed light on how the art collective came to be.

The movie features interviews with artists (Benji Geary, Sean Di Ianni, Vince Kadlubek, Caity Kennedy, Matt King and Emily Montoya), curators, dealers and early funders – including George R.R. Martin.

Nicolas Gonda, Executive Producer, said: “We’re offering this story to share the soul of our company with other artists and collectives – from what hidden challenges and proprietary learnings helped to build it from the ground up to what still gives us meaning each day.”

The film has been directed by filmmakers Morgan Capps and Jilann Spitzmiller, who said in a statement: “Putting together this massive ensemble piece spanning more than 10 years with so many different facets and perspectives has at times felt to us like a cinematic Throw Down.

“Just when we thought we’d dug up every last bit of archival footage, someone would text us saying, ‘Hey, I have this old drive full of videos, do you want it?’ We had a veritable treasure trove of material – from casual cell phone videos to full-on animations – that the group had created over the past decade.

“And as storytellers, we felt that continual struggle between chaos and order, a dynamic that lies at the very heart of Meow Wolf’s prodigious creative endeavors.”

In August, Meow Wolf announced a partnership with Elitch Garden to open a new art ride called Kaleidoscape in April 2019.

Kaleidoscape will take guests on an immersive and interactive experience. Motion, sound, color and also interactivity will create an immersive world around you.

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