The National Museum of Organised Crime and Law Enforcement in Las Vegas is to open a new Crime Lab exhibit as part of major renovations reportedly costing $6.5 million.

Better known as the Mob Museum, upgrades will include an exhibit on organised crime in the 21st century and an educational firearms experience inspired by actual police training. There will also be an expanded retail store and a cafe offering light food options.

The Crime Lab is understood to be an interactive exhibit featuring hands-on activities. It will give visitors an insight into crime detection techniques such as fingerprinting, as well as ballistics testing.

In a statement, the Mob Museum’s Executive Director and CEO, Jonathan Ullman, said the venue was eager to reinvest in its future growth. He added that the planned renovations would enhance guest amenities and deliver an even richer exhibit experience.

Future growth at The Mob Museum

Further enhancements to the museum include a distillery and a speakeasy.

The Museum’s distillery guests will learn about Prohibition-Era bootlegging and rum running. The Museum’s speakeasy will allow museum visitors “to enjoy brews and spirits while enjoying a social environment inspired by the most elegant spaces of the Prohibition Era”. Both these new attractions will be located in the museum’s basement.

Since opening in 2012, the museum has attracted over 1.3 million visitors.

Work is scheduled to commence this summer, with completion expected by spring 2018. The museum plans to remain open to visitors throughout.



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