Well, you know what they say: there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

Negative online reviews ridiculing some of the figures at Boston’s Dreamland Wax Museum have had a surprisingly positive effect on attendance.

According to Michael Pelletz, Dreamland’s Vice President of Sales, all the hullabaloo has ‘absolutely been a blessing’.

Since opening in July, the museum has spawned a flurry of online activity. The fact that some of it has been less than favourable seems to have fired, rather than dampened, the public’s interest.

Donald Trump was the first figure to inspire controversy – no surprise there – with some suggesting he looks more like Carolina Senator, Lindsey Graham.

The latest figure of fun is former Boston Celtics forward, Paul Pierce, described by one website as looking ‘like someone who’s not Paul Pierce.’

Pelletz puts some of the negative reactions down to the fact that a number of figures are based on photos rather than actual measurements from the celebrities themselves. In future, the plan is to create most of the figures from life.

It’s not all bad news though. Snoop Dogg is a dead ringer, apparently.

Image courtesy Dreamland Wax Museum

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