WKBW’s news meteorologist Don Paul, Marina Homes Corp.’s President Sergio Fornasiero and Dave Norton, an electronic process engineer with Moog Inc.’s space and defense group, went to Niagara Falls City Council earlier this week with a proposal to build the nation’s first World Weather Centre at the iconic tourist spot.

Still in the early planning stages, the concept would be to build an experimental climate museum and research centre, reports the Niagara Gazette.

“We think this is destined to become the nation’s foremost facility for educating and entertaining the public on the wonders of weather from around the world, ” said Norton.

The trio have raised $50, 000 to date, but need a further $200, 000 to run a feasibility study.

City Council Chairman Andrew Touma said,  “Other than New York City, we generate more tourists than anybody in the state, ” adding that the presentation was among the “most interesting” he has heard in recent time.

Expected visitor numbers at the attraction would be between 400, 000 and 500, 000 visitors, taking part in interactive demonstrations, weather exhibitions, conferences and research seminars.

As climate change becomes an increasingly important topic, studying its potential impact and presenting data to the public creates a “tremendous” opportunity for education, said Paul.

Image: Niagara Parks

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