#NOFILTER digital experience announced by Pseudonym Productions

Psuedonym Productions, the production company of Inside the Magic founder Ricky Brigante, has revealed details of its first “digital experience” – called #NOFILTER.

The experience will be a “Horrifyingly Satirical, Totally Narcissistic Thriller Starring YOU.” #NOFILTER aims to blur the line between fiction and reality – as well as the line between digital and real.

Sarah Elger, president & creative director of pseudonym productions, said: “This is our chance to satirize the sad state of social networks. Our live productions have successfully connected real people in fun and meaningful ways – which unfortunately is the exact opposite of the direction social media is headed, instead filling our digital lives with addiction, jealousy and hate.

“With #NOFILTER, we are shining a spotlight on those very horrors, hoping this digital experience will help change that. And, in honor of the Halloween season, we’re doing it all in the most absurdly over-the-top ways possible.”

The game will predominately take place on players digital devices – but there will also be real world elements.

Immersive digital experience

The website for the experience says: “#NOFILTER is a digital experience, which means it’s not about winning, losing, or even completing the game. just like life, it’s about the journey not the ending. #NOFILTER’s story will feature every player in an essential part. Unlike most video games, this experience has no pre-programmed NPCs (non-player characters). All characters are portrayed by live actors, whether seen on camera, in person, or hiding behind a keyboard.”

The experience costs $14 to participate at a standard-level called “Followers.” There are upgrades available to “Verified” and “Influencer” packages. These include more personal interactions with the experience and its characters.

Modern consumers are seeking more immersive, technology-driven and personalised experiences, according to speakers at BlooloopLIVE.

Image courtesy of Psuedonym Productions


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