New Building for North Vancouver Museum and Archives

Plans for North Vancouver Museum and Archives’ new building have been approved.  The museum will be located in Lower Lonsdale and is expected to open in 2019.

The development will be funded by the City of North Vancouver ($2.555 million and 16, 000
sq. ft. of City-owned space), and an investment of $3 million made by the Government of Canada as well as donations.

North Vancouver Museum and Archive

The museum is intended to be a gathering space for the community.  Core exhibits will be follow three major themes: Connections by Water, Building Communities and On Nature’s Edge.

Victor Elderton, Chair of the North Vancouver Museum and Archives Commission, said,  “This marks the culmination of many years of work by successive Councils to find a new home for the museum. The museum’s location across from Lonsdale Quay and the new Polygon Gallery could not be better.”

Darrell Mussatto, Mayor of the City of North Vancouver, added, “The museum will showcase North Vancouver’s vibrant community history in a custom-built,  new facility where residents and visitors can connect with the many stories that inform our present and future.”

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