Paragliding VR experience for Universe Science Park

Universe Science Park in Denmark is set to launch a location-based, virtual reality paragliding experience this spring.

ParadropVR is an immersive virtual reality (VR) experience that simulates piloting a paraglider. Riders are strapped into an adjustable seat that can rise and lower to simulate the sudden drops and smooth deceleration of paragliding.

The attraction includes realistic inputs in the form of handles that riders pull to simulate turning and other manoeuvres. Riders must control their descent and glide through targets to collect points on their way back to the ground.

ParadropVR debuted at the Euro Attractions Show 2017 in Berlin. The first order is going to Universe Science Park in Denmark. Located on the island of Als, Universe creates rides and attractions based around science and technology so that visitors can learn as they play.

The attraction will include four separate units, each allowing one person to participate at a time. TV screens installed with each unit will display the action for spectators. There will also be a scoreboard so participants can see how well they performed.

The park already includes seven VR attractions including one based on Minecraft, a car racing simulation and a simulated walk around the top of Vesper Peak mountain.

Jonas Luttermann, chief operating officer of Universe Science Park, told VR Focus: “We are proud to bring the world’s first ParadropVR to our park. It will be a key attraction to expand our VR attraction, and we’re sure the fully immersive, physical experience will be mind-blowing for our visitors.”

ParadropVR was created by attraction maker Frontgrid, working with media-attraction experts Simworx. The ride is designed to be modular and easy to install at a range of venues from theme parks to shopping malls.

Image: c. Frontgrid.

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