Planet Oasis multi-billion retailtainment complex planned for Ohio

Planet Oasis multi-billion retailtainment complex planned for Ohio.  New Albany-based Blue Horseshoe Ventures Ltd. is behind the development which includes attractions, action sports, eSports, and health and wellbeing.

“The entertainment venue of the future” park will stretch over 350 acres in Delaware County.  It’s set to be built adjacent to the Tanger Outlet Mall in Berkshire Township.

Planet Oasis multi-billion retailtainment complex planned for Ohio

Planet Oasis is likely to offer between15 and 20 major attractions. These include an indoor water park, a surf park and an outdoor lake stretching over 20 acres. There are plans for major rollercoasters and a 25 storey high sky wheel. Sport facilities will include a skate park, ice rink, pitches for football and field hockey, and a shooting range. There will also be facilities for go-kart racing, indoor skydiving, rock climbing, and a huge VIP bowling complex.

Planet Oasis is the brainchild of developer David Glimcher. “This is the culmination of 20 years of planning entertainment-based retail,” he said. “It’s the entertainment venue of the future.”

He is building his vision in Ohio because it is, he says, “The centre of the universe” with 100 million people within a five to six hour drive of the site. He also promises that the park would be rolled out swiftly, rather than over a prolonged period. “This is about now, this is about warp speed,” he said in a promotional video for the complex.

A huge 30,000 square foot eSports is planned and Glimcher promises there will be a Planet Oasis league. He also claimed AI would be a major factor, with innovative uses of VR and AR. Alongside the indoor and outdoor entertainment and sporting facilities, there will be a focus on health and wellbeing, with a vast array of natural therapies on offer.

A conference centre is included in the plans and the F&B offering is set to include 75-85 restaurants and bars, many highly experiential. Between 15 and 20 hotels are planned. There is even a butterfly park to add to the mix.

The development reflects trends in retail highlighted in Westfield’s Destination 2028 report.

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