Reid Park Zoo, Arizona, announces 10-year masterplan

After the future of Reid Park Zoo was secured by Tuscan residents, the zoo is now moving ahead with its 10 year plan for development.

Last year, voters in Tuscon, Arizona voted on a funding proposals for the zoo.

The zoo will now be transformed with the hopes of being among the best in the nation. The zoo will develop thematic habitats, a tree-top playground, and more up-close encounters with animals. Current plans say the zoo will develop a two-story African Safari Lodge, a rhino encounter, and an underwater hippo viewing area – among other developments.

The plan is split into three phases. Phase one is due to be complete in 2022 and will bring a new area themed to ancient Asian temple ruins. Animal additions include lorikeets, Malaysian tigers and regional birds. There will also be otters, a new reptile house – including the Komodo dragon – as well as large fruit bats. Phase 1 will also see the construction of a new treetop play area near the Conservation Learning Center.

Phase 2 will introduce a new feeding experience with African animals. A new play area will feature tunnels and pop-up viewing spots to offer views of the meerkats. The zoo will develop a village of round African homes that will welcome visitors into the new lodge. It will have balconies on three sides and seating for 400.

Finally, phase 3 will introduce a South America area to the park. This will include a new playground, expanded gift shop as well as animal exhibits: the Temple of Tiny Monkeys and an expanded Andean bear habitat.

The zoo has already begun painting, repairing and refreshing while plans are finalized for phase one.

Image courtesy Reid Park Zoo

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