RFQ: City of Hermiston seeks consultant for feasibility study for aquatic centre

The City of Hermiston, Oregon, has issued an RFQ for consultancy services related to a new Recreation/ Aquatic Centre. 

The initial work includes preliminary consultation, feasibility and public processes design services for the 60,000 sq ft facility:

  • Identify the program needs.
  • Determine the site requirements for the building.
  • Provide preliminary conceptual facility designs.
  • Provide construction cost projections.
  • Provide capital funding options.
  • Market analysis and funding options.
  • Conduct public meetings as required.
  • Determine operating costs and revenue projections.
  • Evaluate parking, circulation and traffic patterns.

The feasibility study will be used to determine the anticipated capital and operating costs.  The expected date of completion of the initial project is May 2018.

Several consulting specialties may collaborate on a proposal.

Qualifications are due by January 5, 2018.  More details can be found here.

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