Rivers of Light, a brand new nighttime spectacular premieres February 17th at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Walt Disney World Resort.

The 15-minute Rivers of Light production features costumed dancers and illuminated show floats choreographed to an original musical score.

“Disney’s Animal Kingdom is built around the lives of animals, built around the rules of nature, and those rules dictate that as you move between day and night everything changes…and you’re going to want to see that,” said Joe Rohde, Creative Executive, Walt Disney Imagineering. “It all really is summed up by Rivers of Light. In the show, we take this combination of light and water which create life, and out of that comes this fantastically rich explosion of animal life that ultimately rises up and joins the stars.”

Rivers of Light Nighttime Spectacular Opens Friday at Disney's Animal KingdomThe floats were designed by Broadway production designer, Michael Curry. They feature giant lanterns in the shape of animals and lotus flowers.

Over 50,000 programmable, colour-changing LEDs light up the four Animal Spirit Guide floats alone.

The original musical score by composer, Don L. Harper, was recorded at London’s Abbey Road Studios.

Guests view the show on Discovery River in a new 5,000-seat amphitheatre.

Rivers of Light Nighttime Spectacular Opens Friday at Disney's Animal Kingdom

Rivers of Light is the latest in a wide range of nighttime spectaculars at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

They are part of a major expansion programme set to culminate this summer with the opening of Pandora – The World of Avatar.

Images courtesy Disney

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