Port Defiance Zoo & Aquarium is celebrating the opening of its refurbished Rocky Shores exhibit.

The $2.7 million makeover includes brand new underwater viewing windows giving close-up views of walruses Dozer, Basilla, Joan and Kulu.

The huge mammals are also enjoying their newly repaired 125,500-gallon pool.

According to the zoo’s conservation engagement manager, Karen Povey, visitors have been ‘blown away’ by the new facilities.

Povey added that by sharpening focus on the animals, the zoo can better engage the public with conservation issues.

Other animals benefiting from the renovation include the California sea lions and harbour seals who have a brand new home.

There is also a covered seating area where keepers can give talks to visitors. Accessibility to the polar bear exhibit has also been improved with a new path suitable for pushchairs and wheelchairs.

Less visible to the public are the upgrades to the water filtration and animal life-support systems. for the marine mammals.

The zoo has nearly doubled attendance since it opened in 1982. It currently attracts over 580,00 visitors a year.

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