San Diego Zoo Global has announced plans to expand its licensing strategy. New initiatives will encompass a range of brands and merchandising.

To support the move, the zoo will be exhibiting at the annual Licensing Expo, May 23-25, for the first time.

While committed to growing regionally in Southern California, the zoo is also keen to explore opportunities with international partners.

Aside from partnership opportunities within a range of product categories such as pets and toys, the zoo is also keen to highlight its online platforms: Animal Byte and Sand Diego Zoo Kid. Animal Byte attracts over 300,000 monthly page views, and both sites offer content and resources suitable for educational purposes.

San Diego Zoo Global has already partnered with companies in the baby/toddler sector, as well as agreeing deals allowing film and TV companies access to its properties.

According to Monica Michel, Licensing and Partnership Marketing Manager, San Diego Zoo Global, partnership brings a raft of benefits. Partners increase reach and build brand awareness while being seen to engage with a worthwhile cause.

San Diego Zoo also plans to showcase its accredited digital archive at the Licensing Expo. The extensive catalogue includes wildlife and natural habitat photographic images and video footage for advertising, corporate, editorial, non-profit and other professional creative use.

All money generated from licensing agreements will be ploughed back into conservation.

Image: San Diego Zoo

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