Super Nintendo World speculation continues as games fans get excited at Japanese park plans

Speculation that a Mario Kart attraction could be featured as part of Universal’s upcoming Nintendo theme park zones continues.

Games Radar has discovered a US trademark filing that includes “kart racing” as part of a project in Japan. It also lists “arrangement of motorcycle events and other events with vehicles.” That has lead the computer game website to speculate that not only a real life Mario Kart could be experienced by guests at Universal Studios Japan but also maybe an Excitebike show.

The trademark filing talks of “amusement park shows and special events at an amusement park” as well as hotel accommodation, restaurant services and rental of various rooms and spaces. Elsewhere, there’s mention of arcade video game machines, costume rental and “rental of storage media storing programs”.

Super Nintendo World has been confirmed for a 2020 debut at Universal Studios Japan. Further Nintendo attractions are planned at Universal’s parks in Florida and Hollywood, but further details or opening dates have yet to surface.

Image courtesy Universal Parks & Resorts

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