Taiwan government seeks big name international developers for major theme park

As tourism increases, Taiwan’s government is actively seeking to attract suitable developers for an international standard theme park.

Last year Taiwan celebrated record tourism levels with over 10.6 million arrivals mainly from Asia, contributing over US$15.1 billion to the economy.  Internally, Taiwanese citizens made 180 million trips within the island.

Neighbouring countries in the region already have or are developing large scale theme parks with world class rides and brands, however, currently Taiwan only has smaller domestic amusement parks.

Taiwan Business TOPICS (published by the American Chamber of Commerce in Taipei) reports that the Taiwanese government is keen to attract a big name theme park developer to the country, offering tax breaks and deals on land acquisition.

Disney and Universal are thought to be unlikely to consider Taiwan given their interests in China.  However, potential developers like Six Flags may be attracted by the relatively high level of brand recognition among the widely-traveled population.

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