Ultra-themed space resort opens in Crimea

A new hotel resort in Alushta, Crimea, offers visitors an ultra-themed space experience, reportedly inspired by the Star Wars franchise.

The new spaceship-themed complex is also a museum and entertainment center.

The new hotel is called ‘The Guardian of the Empire’. Guests can spend their holiday in a “space cabin” hotel room. Guests can even try protein pills and helmets. There are 3D space flight simulators, laser cannons and blasters, and even “real space food”.

Guests can participate in virtual reality quests, or visit the space garden – filled with carnivorous plants.

An immersive atmosphere

Speaking to RT’s video agency Ruptly, one visitor said: “This is an amazing facility. You can dive into an absolutely incredible atmosphere, forget about daily problems, get lots of nice and positive emotions.”

The museum features a collection of items relating to the history of real and fictional space travel – from Yuri Gagarin to Darth Vader. Visitors can see meteors, soil samples from different planets and space suits.

Ultra-themed resorts could be the next big thing. Walt Disney World will soon open the yet to be named Star Wars themed resort property. This is currently under construction next to Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park in Orlando.

Image courtesy the Guardian of the Empire via Instagram

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