Universal Patents Hint at Harry Potter Floo Network Ride

Universal City Studios has filed two patents that hint at a new Harry Potter Floo Network ride.

Floo powder is a glittery substance that, when thrown into a fireplace, allows JK Rowling’s wizarding community to travel at great speed, and potentially some discomfort, through the Floo Network of linked fireplaces.

The two patents, which the Orlando Business Journal reports are described as  the “vehicle transportation room system and method” and the “system and method for a moving puzzle theater”.

The vehicle transportation system patent uses a retractable “launch room” that would include effects and would move along with the ride car to keep guests in the experience.

In a drawing the launch room is shown with an animatronic figure in front of a fireplace.  The wall of the fireplace can retract so that the ride vehicle can pass through.

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