Universal Studios Ride Patents: Nintendo, Iron Man and Waterslides

Patents filed by Universal City Studios show that there is a focus on innovation on rides.

There are hints at what’s in store for the Super Nintendo World as well as innovation in water rides and what appears to be an Iron Man ride.

Orlando Business Journal report that the five rides include the following features:

  • A drift racer patent that looks a lot like a Mario Kart adaptation – the driver controls the car whilst the passenger can make the car bounce or do things to affect other cars.
  • An interactive flying theatre ride with the interactivity and sensation feedback built into what look like Iron Man style suits.
  • A mat racer water ride with technology, eg a display screen, built into the mats.
  • An adaptation of the vertical drop start to a waterslide involves the capsule filling with water before the floor and rider drop.  This will allow for theming options and build guest anticipation.
  • The boom coaster patent has a cart on an arm which could appear to jump track levels, lending itself to a Donkey Kong platform game themed ride.

Images: Universal City Studios

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