Universal Studios Japan has kicked off Cool Japan 2017.  The celebration of anime and Japanese video game brands and pop culture is in it’s third year.

With the biggest programme yet, Cool Japan 2017 features:

  • Evangelion: The world’s first Evangelion attraction – XR technology brings the world of Evangelion to life with a full 360-degree panoramic view.
  • Godzilla: 4-D Theatre show – 4D special effects as you battle Godzilla from the cockpit of a fighter jet to save Osaka.
  • Attack on Titan: 4-D attraction features exclusive visuals, heavy breathing, booming footsteps and the “powerful vibrations of approaching danger”.
  • Detective Conan: The ultimate real escape game.
  • Monster Hunter: The first ever Monster Hunter attraction on one of the world’s largest screens.
  • Sengoku at Osaka Castle: “An extravaganza of dazzling lights and sounds under the vivid night sky at our spectacularly realistic live show” with projection mapping and themed food.

Cool Japan runs from January 13th to June 25th.

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