Museum Design: Who is this Man?

A photograph caught my eye today. It shows a man on the roof of a mena��s lavatory in a California State Park. Why is he there? Why is he in black and white?

On closer investigation, we find that the man is not on the roof because of some inappropriate interest in men’s hygiene. Neither is he a miscreant cat burglar nor indeed a member of LA’s finest out on an entrapment mission. No, this lanky fellow is none other than Jonathan Katz, CEO of Cinnabar Inc. and lifelong conservationist.

Whilst many in the last few years have put on the Green mantle as it has been fashionable or politically expedient to do so, Katz, who executive produced “Altered State” and other natural history exhibits for the internationally acclaimed standard-setter in green-built museums, the California Academy of Sciences, has always walked the walk and talked the talk – as evidenced by this photo of 30 years ago.

The picture dates from 1979 when Mr K (an enthusiastic bicyclist who retains his athletic physique today) organized a Solar Technician Training Project for the California Conservation Corps, during which period he was part of Jerry Brown’s gubernatorial administration. They built solar hot water panels and installed them on state parks buildings around the Golden State. 

Interesting to note that Katz’s commitment to a low-carbon lifestyle stretched to his wardrobe: check out those solar flares…

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