4DX Selects Simuline’s MXR Platform to Promote 4D ‘Batman v Superman’

Global 4D cinema brand, 4DX (developed by CJ 4DPLEX Co., Ltd), chose Simuline’s Mobile X-Rider (MXR) platform to promote a 4D version of the new Hollywood blockbuster ‘Batman v Superman’.

Over 1, 000 people took part in the four-day special event in Seoul, South Korea, with many experiencing 4D cinema for the first time.

Simuline’s state-of-the-art MXR platform synchronises dynamic movements with the on-screen action to create a fully immersive movie experience.

Simuline reported overwhelmingly positive reactions to the 4D trailer: “It was amazing. It was my first 4D motion experience ever and I really enjoyed it throughout the movie trailer showing.”

Simuline and 4DX have announced that they will shortly be collaborating on another roadshow to promote ‘Captain America: Civil War’.