93 Year Old Willi Mack Tries Out “Alpenexpress VR-Ride” Rollercoaster at Europa-Park

Willi Mack gives the new Alpenexpress VR-Ride at Europa-Park his seal of approval.

Willi, the last member of the sixth Mack Generation who was responsible for the construction of Mack Rides circus trucks, carousels and rollercoasters throughout his career, used to build cars and model railways with his godchild, Roland, over 60 years ago.

The Mack family business was founded more than 235 years ago and is one of the world’s leading companies in the construction of theme park attractions and rollercoasters.

The ground-breaking VR coaster, Alpenexpress VR-Ride, is the latest innovation from Mack Rides with 4D film by MackMedia.   Combining a rollercoaster ride with an animated 3D world, “Alpenexpress VR-Ride” passengers accompany Ed Euromaus and his friends on a wild ride in a mine cart and then on a dragon’s back.

Willi rode the Alpenexpress VR-Ride at the side of his nephew and Roland Mack’s grandson, Paul Mack, who is a member of the ninth Mack generation.

After experiencing the latest evolution in rollercoaster technology Willi said, “I am very proud of what the generations following me have achieved for the Mack family business!”