AAT celebrates opening of new Oman Aquarium

Advanced Aquarium Technologies, a leading specialist in public aquarium products, is celebrating the opening of the brand new Oman Aquarium. The attraction has the largest floor area of any aquarium in the Middle East.

The Oman Aquarium is a world-class visitor attraction that will inspire, educate and thrill many visitors for years to come. The aquarium will open its doors on Monday, April 15, 2019.

Located in the Mall of Muscat, the aquarium covers 8,000 square metres of the building and features a huge range of creatures. As well as 30,000 marine animals and 1000 types of fish, the aquarium is also home to 92 acrylic panels, with a total weight of 81 tons.

An educational journey

AAT Oman AquariumVisitors start their aquarium journey with the Oman desert, take in the amazing biodiversity of the Salah, and then head on an adventure under the sea. Aquarium guests can witness nesting turtles, explore mangrove swamps and learn about the important reefs that surround Oman. As well as entertaining visitors, the aquarium will provide an educational experience and encourage Omanis to protect the ocean. Under the careful guidance of aquarium staff, the venue hopes to establish itself as an environmental champion

“It will be the largest aquarium in the Middle East. The aquarium will contain 3 million litres of water, 50 plus exhibits and over 30,000 animals. There will be a variety of beautiful fish, sharks, rays, octopus…there will even be penguins and crocodiles.” Said Abdullah al Jarwani, a member of the Mall of Muscat board of directors.

Conservation, education and research have been key aims of the Oman Aquarium project from the very start. Amidst planning and construction, the project team celebrated World Oceans Day 2018 and reiterated their commitment to the environment.

AAT has been pioneering new technologies and techniques in aquarium building for over twenty years. The company aims to design ever more inspiring, enlightening and sustainable aquariums all around the globe.