accesso explores how to meet customer needs in a post-COVID world at blooloop V-Expo

accesso Technology Group PLC, a leading technology provider, will be presenting an Innovation Session at next week’s blooloop V-Expo.

accesso is pleased to announce that it is taking part in the first-ever blooloop V-Expo, which takes place from 13 – 15 October 2020. During the virtual event, accesso will be hosting a session entitled Empathizing with Guests in a COVID-19 World: How to Anticipate the Needs of Your Customers in the ‘New Normal.’

Meeting guests’ expectations after COVID

This Innovation Session will be presented by Jeremy Gray, Sales Director at accesso and moderated by George Hambleton, VP Sales at the company. It will take place on Thursday 15 October at 2 pm BST in the Innovation Auditorium

During the session, accesso will explore how the needs and desires of guests have been transformed following the global pandemic. From the rapid acceleration of certain technologies to the sudden need to maintain physical distance, the attributes of a successful venue last year may now be perceived as liabilities.

Despite this, the guest experience is still of utmost importance. Operators will need to understand the new needs of their guests, and how to meet them, in order to benefit from increased revenue, repeat business, positive word-of-mouth and more.

Attendees will gain expert insights from the accesso team on how to:

  • Identify new trends in guest sentiment and behaviour which will impact every point of sale
  • Use the philosophy of Human-Centered Design to guide the way to better guest experiences
  • Discover technologies which can provide real-time insight into guest behaviour, allow for personalization at scale, enable enhanced communication with guests and improve the guest experience.
  • Plan for their own transformation with strategies that allow for incremental change, maximizing employee engagement and retention while enhancing ROI.

In addition to this, they will also learn about venues which have implemented these strategies to successfully reopen this year, while taking proactive measures to ensure the safety of guests and staff. The accesso team cares about supporting the industry through this challenging time and looks forward to helping clients safely welcome back staff and guests.

Earlier this month, accesso also announced that it has been chosen to provide ticketing and distribution solutions for Floriade Expo 2020 in Almere, near Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

There’s still time to register for blooloop V-Expo here, in order to benefit from a packed schedule of expert speakers, discussion panels, networking opportunities and more.