Afan Adventure Park, Wales, attracts investor attention

Although planning permission for the site has not yet been received, luxury lodges at Afan Adventure Park in South Wales are being sold for upwards of £200,000.

Properties of the World is selling 2 and 3 bedroom luxury lodges at Afan Adventure Park for £205,000. Investors are expected to receive a return on investment of 268%, as well as 10% NET assured returns for 10 years.

Peter Moore OBE, Chairman of Leisure at Afan Valley Adventure Resort, said: “I am very excited about what this resort will bring to the UK market for the first time. It will be something totally different, a resort the market is ready for and one which I genuinely believe will open a new chapter for the UK leisure market.”

Jean Liggett, Managing Director of Properties of the World, said: “I went to Afan Valley Adventure Resort last week for a site visit and it was brilliant!. The feedback from those on the viewing was amazing. Most of them had already been to Center Parcs and were confident Afan Valley would be the next big step. They were very impressed with the World Class team that has been put together, including Peter Moore OBE (Former CEO of Center Parcs), Bear Grylls, the support from the Welsh Government and AECOM.”

Adventure and luxury

Afan Valley Adventure Resort will be a Center Parcs-style adventure retreat.

It will include 600 cabins, a 100-bed hotel, spa, central ‘plaza’ with restaurants and shops and dozens of different adventure sports.

The holiday destination will attract up to 260,000 visitors a year, it is hoped. Guests will be able to sample a “menu” of outdoor sports.

The proposed site is just south of Afan Forest Park, close to Cymmer and Croeserw.

The resort is set to house the headquarters of the Bear Grylls Survival Academy, the adventure man’s own bush craft school.

Northern Powerhouse Developments hopes to see 400 of the cabins, the hotel and all facilities to be in place by 2021. Over the next 15 years the final 200 cabins will be constructed.

It comes as the sector sees an increasing demand for ‘luxury’ experiences. More and more developers are also targeting an adventurous market seeking experiences – including Merlin.