Control an airship with your mind at Design Museum, London

London-based design studio, Loop.pH, have created an exhibition that allows visitors to the Design Museum to pilot an airship using their minds.

Spatial laboratory Loop.pH will animate the Design Museum atrium during the London Design Festival 2018. The installation, called Mind Pilot, will allow visitors to pilot a helium filled airship using mind power.

Mind Pilot images a future where people of all physical abilities can use technology such as mind power to experience and operate flight.

The lightweight airship will be able to fly in multiple directions within a tethered framework.

The visitor piloting the airship will don a VR headset, giving them the sense of being in flight. They will also wear a device that measures their brain waves and sends signals that navigate the balloon through the space.

The exhibition is free and tickets are available on a first come, first served basis from the museum.

The exhibition is commissioned by Ameena M. McConnell, curator at large of the Design Museum with support from Arts Council England’s Change Makers fund.

Paul Gibbons, Head of Visitor Experience at the Design Museum, spoke to Blooloop about reaching new audiences and the challenges and rewards of reimagining the museum’s visitor experience in a new, dynamic space.

Image courtesy Felix Spellor