Interactive attractions specialist, Alterface, has reinvented the classic laser tag experience for Dubai’s innovative indoor gaming park, Hub Zero.

Opening this month, Gears of War: Laser Siege features virtual enemies that pop up, hide and shoot.

“We accepted the challenge to innovate the popular laser tag even though nobody had tried it before, ” reported Benoit Cornet, Founder and CEO of Alterface. “Our team doesn’t fear exploring uncharted lands! What’s more, Hub Zero’s request was an opportunity to implement the laser tag gameplay in our interactive walkthrough solutions.”

Laser Tag and Locusts

A blend of interactive walkthrough and classic laser tag, up to 24 players battle against each other and their common enemy, the Locusts, who have declared war on humankind. Alterface designed the players’ devices to exactly replicate the Locusts’ famous Snub Pistol.

“In fact, with our patented shooting technology, we can shape any interactive device to match any existing IP, ” said Stéphane Battaille, COO at Alterface. “The precision of our shooting devices is millimetric, even at longer distances, with a second to none reactivity. Furthermore, our shooting devices allow complete freedom of movement for the players.”

The game is the latest addition to Alterface’s expanding portfolio in the United Arab Emirates.

“Our expansion demonstrates the adaptability of our technology to be merged with existing entertainment solutions and successfully innovate attractions, ” added Benoit.

Earlier this year, Alterface introduced the interactive raft ride, implemented on the successful Splashing UFO at Yomiuriland, Japan. An updated version of Alterface’s spinning theatre is also in the pipeline.